7 ways to re-build your video content

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Content is contagious and to know where to begin, most importantly what to say! It is important to channelize approach as it can spread like wildfire. In a situation when everyone is into their mobile phones and laptops, sharing witty posts and hunting for jobs over LinkedIn. You make the most of this situation, to get heard through short videos, optimized blogs, content contrails, and post GIFs – to educate, invoke purpose and improve knowledge about your brand.

1. Brand Videos — A corporate brand image can be enhanced through brand videos. Showcase a brand’s vision, mission, and services products in a case study sequence. To build brand awareness, you can start off with this kind of video content.

2. Instructional Videos — If you have ever come across the DIY video, that is, Do-it-yourself videos, these are the types you should particularly aim for. It includes step-by-step instructions for anyone to follow and learn to utilise a service or product.

3. Event Videos — Convert your pre-recorded video footage and photos to give your audience a new perspective on your current brand and its interactive approach. A short sneak peek into an event, conference, presentation, or interview would help your audience know about your field of work and expertise. It works well if you wish to engage your audience at a personal level.

4. Series Episodes — A new trend is rising that focuses on covering an essential topic, like the current COVID scenario. To create episodes or series of tips and what-nots on a particular topic or area of interest in a series of videos. Use these videos to educate consumers about your products or services.

5. Launch Videos — While you are launching a new product, people and press are mostly interested in what details they can get out in a jiffy rather than having to work on it themselves. You can experiment with these videos and provide the content you want to be released in the media.

6. Company Talks — Short videos, or in fact mini-clips of your company or a brand talking to a consumer to answer their general FAQs and you can covey it through online videos. Perhaps educate them more about a service or a brand. Consider it a more engaging version of your FAQ page.

7. Video Testimonials — When you hear about a product from a consumer point of view, you better understand the greatness of the product, or at least its value. It instantly boosts credibility and gives a larger perspective of value to invoke purpose and improve brand knowledge amongst the audience. Anyone describing why they like your product and how it solves a particular problem is what another consumer is looking for.

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