Content Marketing: Difficult if you know it and easy if you don’t.

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

6 Secrets to Super-Successful Web & Video Content


What are you all looking at? Straight forward content marketing tactics from field experts of the agency. Content done right is how your brand shall speak to your prospective consumers or even clients alike. Find out how can you make the most engaging content, right from the horse’s mouth. *Don’t think too much on the horse pun*

Marketers are flocking around to make the most of the video content they share. While they are wicked enough to get the content output easily, they soon lose engagement track if not done right. Winning consumers through video can be more than heavy petting but you know, if only it brings the kind of fidelity you are expecting from your content when you do so.

List on this article:

  1. Storytelling is important than sales

  2. Why Skip Ads work like a fish hook

  3. Relevancy in creating awareness

  4. Every video has a message!

  5. Optimize your content for maximum outreach

  6. Collaborate with influencers

1. Storytelling is important than sales

A naturally engaging video is more likely to afloat across, than just being informative. Like 4 Ps of marketing, you have 4Ps for video as well, as under:

  • Plot – A conflict resolution statement is most likely to catch audience attention than anything. A typical structure follows a powerful statement that is dissected in the storyline making a plot worth viewing.

  • Purpose – The why of your brand messaging should convey the most important part of the video. As it revolves around their head as to why are they watching the video. They should carry some piece of information with them or rather an action themselves on the purpose of the video.

  • People – The very audience you are targeting to set the tones of your content, is the same audience you would likely be offending if at all. Make sure you pitch in the right mix of audience and convey non-convoluted messaging for ease-of-understanding.

  • Place – As always, context-setting drives the content across regions. A place or site location would give an impromptu feel of belongingness to your video content for the audience their connect.

2. Why skip ads work like a fish hook!

The first impression is the last impression is kind of true here but with a slight tweak – First impression, long last impression. Grab the audience attention through video content that creates a first-glance hook for someone to actually pay attention through the 2 minuter video.

As Facebook recommends: “Creating an arc of audience connect from the first frame to the last, keeps the audience well versed with a steady viewership. Hence, your video ad should be marginally close to 2 minutes as it takes to tell your story well.”

3. Relevancy in creating awareness:

Facebook has become a top social media site, mostly because of how the audience data is segregated within the site. People are classified not only by their demographics, but their likes and interests are all ranked to give their advertisers, penny-worth results. Facebook’s in-depth demographic targeting can help you select the right audiences for your content.

Sharing high targeted posts makes your content engaging and appealing to the masses. And, all this is an organic approach that gives you instant results without spending a dime.

4. Every content has a message

A message conveyed right is the engagement done right. Be it any type of content on the web, mostly video content has the capacity to influence and hold the audience once they are played, or automatically played. Though 85% of all online videos are muted when they are automatically played. Here’s what you can do to optimize the silence!

  • Use stunningly beautiful visuals

  • Text-descriptions and supers are likely to create an instant catch

  • Subtitle are indispensable and you must consider having a generic subtitling

5. Optimize for maximum outreach

While you must be already familiar with the SEO, SMO and Digital marketing, we mustn’t waste time to optimise the video or any content for that matter, to gain maximum viewership. While for any content, you can have it optimised through right meta-tags, H1 and hashtags, but videos are different. You need to include the most important keywords you want to rank highly for.

The title of the video works as the face of the video, rather its expression. These are the most important factors for a good ranking on Google and YouTube. Try keeping the headline under the text limit so that the text isn’t truncated in search results.

6. Influencer collaboration

Like it or not, it is more of trust-call when someone recommends you a certain product or endorse it. When a person you trust recommends a product, you feel more inclined towards buying it rather than go judge by yourself. There is a simple reason for it, convenience. You are trusting the gut-feel of a peer (having same interest set than yours), using the same product or service. CEO of Intuit, Scott Cook, figured out this in a statement, “A brand is no longer what a company tells the consumer it is–it is what consumers tell to each other it is.”

Now that you know how important content marketing is, better reach out to the right peer and ask for one who can get your video content out. Connect better with your audience through engaging content with WEBinklined, for highly engaging video and content.

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